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Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare: A instrument in writing whereby one person, as principal, appoints another as his or her agent and confers authority to perform certain specified acts or kinds of acts on behalf of the principal as it relates to health care decisions. Said powers of the agent only spring into existence when the principal becomes unable to make medical decisions for him or herself.

Planned Giving: Through outright gifts or through charitable trusts, an individual can achieve significant income and estate tax savings, as well as further the work of a favorite charity. Through use of a Charitable Remainder Trust or a Charitable Lead Trust an individual can also provide an income stream or future assets to him or herself and heirs.

Irrevocable Trust: There are varying forms of these Trusts in which an individual irrevocably (irreversible) transfers an asset or life insurance to a Trust to benefit another, such as a spouse, child, or grandchild. The effect of these transfers can provide substantial income and estate tax savings, shield assets from future creditors, and ensure family and loved ones are supported now and into the future.

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